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Boat Location Comments Date Picture Uploader Views Event Size
Gypsy Moth IVSolent 2009-05-2499955545Mark_Hitchin21 923k
Emerald Sail Nr 183Dungeness  2009-07-2599945073shmoo45 3.05M
AngeliqueChichester 2009-03-0199938543Mark_Hitchin21 2.46M
 Solent 2010-10-0199874971Chrissie46 3.66M
Louise - 1336Medina 2008-09-1399858041Mark_Hitchin15 375k
420 gbr54057Solent Area 5.07M
JS Delight, 8131YOld Castle Pt, Eastern Solent 2009-07-2699836063jpc65 4.02M
 Harwich Harbour 2009-09-2899791302Tranquillity66 4.22M
 Racing on the Orwell --hpyc  2012-04-1599764301Jolie Brise43 1.03M
TranscurHarwich Hbr 2009-10-1099763962Jolie Brise61 3.19M
Sadler 32 Mistress QuicklyHarwich 2016-06-0599763600Melissa26 2.66M
First 36.7 - GBR 1048LHarwich Hbr  2013-08-3199750953Jolie Brise61 2.07M
Wind Spirit GBR2043L Dufour 365Chichester Harbour 4.2M
Hunter 164Solent 4.69M
Sun Odyssey 379 Gil ButtonWalton Entrance 2016-04-0899648781Melissa9 697k
gbr1526l SelkoSolent 4.08M
Round the Island Race 2009  2009-06-2099538995Mark_Hitchin52 2.56M
 Windermere 2009-09-0199508008Aquaplane15 1.24M
GrehanSolent 4.82M
 River Crouch 267k
GBR 1653 LRiver Orwell 2009-12-0599444232Jolie Brise54 3.05M
Olympia - Dehlar 35River Orwell 2012-10-0699376693Jolie Brise73 934k
LO 136River Stour 2010-07-2499360800Jolie Brise58 3.34M
DuetRiver Orwell 2014-09-1499353845Jolie Brise28 2.28M
Unknown ClassicDartmouth 2008-08-3099353714Oceanmaster74dartmouth regatta Classic boat sail past3.39M
Take FiveHarwich Hbr River Stour 2014-06-2399333397Jolie Brise30 2.06M
AlcinaSolent 4.54M
 Suffolk Rivers 2011-08-2199316171tranquillity33 3.86M
 Harwich Harbour 2009-09-2999313169Tranquillity70 4.04M
unknownPin Mill 2008-07-0699273733sy-revolution20 156k
9668tPortsmouth Harbour Entrance From Tower 5.83M
Westerley 23 R23Southampton Water 1.05M
HR 36 - Caritas 2River Orwell 2014-09-1499210954Jolie Brise46 2.13M
Seahorse VISolent 2009-08-1599189910jpc40 4.58M
HalcyoneSolent 4.7M
AgapeTorbay Devon12009-05-3199153312Oceanmaster29 3.48M
 River Orwell 2013-06-0299126114Jolie Brise50 1.98M
Freedom MacwesterRiver Colne 2008-07-2099109585Chellers32 2.85M
Esmeralda -- SO 40River Colne 2015-09-0699107081Jolie Brise293 2.31M
Karena k500 Beneteau First 375Stokes Bay 1.91M
 Rivers Orwell  2014-05-2399057265Jolie Brise50 2.06M
Sea BreezeMenai Straits 2012-06-0499055169Sea Breeze50 2.86M
42253 sigmaSolent 4.58M
JedderJurassic Coast 3.72M
Mange ToutSolent 2009-06-0198940118bobbobin5 5.5M
 River Crouch 217k
K4348TSolent 3.26M
 Racing on the Orwell --hpyc  2012-04-1598786716Jolie Brise34 1.35M
First 36.7 - GBR 1048LHarwich Hbr  2013-08-3198725269Jolie Brise43 2.38M
Seas the DayVictoria Dock, Caernarfon 2015-04-2998721060searush25 3.27M
Vindilis 25 Built by Harrison ButlerEast Of Chi Entrance 4.59M
WoodstockOff Chanonry Point, Moray Firth 2015-09-2598657885paulatthehug3 4.55M
Windjammer gbr9288t Wind JammerSolent 4.19M
Tous TempsSolent 4.63M
MojoSolent 2008-07-2098587262Mark_Hitchin41 2.35M
Easily LedOff Harwich and on the Orwell 2011-04-1698574397Guapa43 4.61M
Sea Wolf 30River Orwell 2010-10-2498572186Jolie Brise56 3.18M
 River Orwell  2011-09-1898534588Jolie Brise68 2.88M
Halberg Rassy 42 with DolphinNewtown River 2017-07-0198532744Al35 2.36M
stealawayR Blackwater 2009-08-3098525767SwedishLass35 4.99M
MadamDovercourt Bay / River Orwell 2010-10-0998518470Jolie Brise46 3.22M
"Faraway"Key West, Florida 2016-09-0798505160RockNRowBoat9 171k
3203y vivaldiSotton Water 5.12M
 River Deban 2011-08-2198487541Tranquillity37 4.29M
gbr9014r Jacobi gbr7405rSolent Rtir 2012 Weekend 4.9M
GafferRiver Orwell  2011-09-2598454620Jolie Brise46 2.92M
GBR8352TOff Harwich and on the Orwell 2011-04-1698440359Guapa48 4.36M
 Racing on the Orwell --hpyc  2012-04-1598383209Jolie Brise27 1.35M
SolsticeIsles of Scilly 2010-07-0298375396scillypete17 3.93M
MIMIDAEOff Southsea 2010-10-1798371242oldfatgit14 3.02M
Joe BlobR Crouch 2009-10-1898360737traigh37 3.32M
Zia MariaSolent 2.39M
 Hoo Fort River Medway 2008-10-1198323248monkeyboyferris27 871k
NANiOff Felixstowe Pier 2015-11-0398270851Jolie Brise28 2.11M
Hawk 20St Marys Roads Isles of Scilly 2010-06-0998257753scillypete28 3.07M
FlamingoSolent 2009-06-0198228587bobbobin9 4.79M
Valsheda and HartbeatGreen Island Antigua 2008-03-2098179217jigsaw77 4.38M
Whistling RufusOosterschelde 2015-01-0398179132Sorted15 459k
Garbo Sadler 32 Solent Rtir 2012 Weekend 4.3M
K4281TSolent 2010-04-2598082916bobbobin35 4.89M
 River Crouch 353k
DuetRiver Stour - 24/07/2010 2010-07-2498039595Guapa50 3.43M
Van DiemenRTI 2008 South of Isle of Wight 2008-06-2898017251castaway29 325k
elixirRiver Crouch 256k
Sabre 27 PalliniOrwell  2008-11-1597959118 133 2.99M
Qt QT gbr1972 Ecume de MerSolent Rtir 2012 Weekend 4.67M
Tarrogon - Jaguar 25River Orwell 2009-12-0597882575Jolie Brise29 3.08M
Caper  2014-03-0297867726 25 5.49M
Vindilis 25 Built by Harrison ButlerEast Of Chi Entrance 4.81M
ReynardineCrouch12010-06-1997819379Vela Rose36 578k
Zahir 1155Solent 4.44M
Freedom FlightRiver Stour 2009-05-0297792383 39 2.59M
Plane Sailing 6601  2009-06-2097788510Mark_Hitchin7 3.81M
gbr8630t Miss GraceSolent 4.8M
 River Orwell 2011-05-2197664312dwf67 2.03M
Colne SapphireRiver Colne 2008-07-2497654676Chellers55 2.63M
QuilletRiver Crouch 5.2M
Ocean Magic of PlymouthIsles of Scilly 2010-08-0697633714Scillypete44 4.91M
JedderJurassic Coast 4.22M
Sea-Quin SEA-QUIN FANTASI 44 PH 8844CClyde 3.05M
Electron V gbr7533tSolent 3.29M
 River Crouch 271k
KoruSolent 2008-10-1997488271Mark_Hitchin29 4.01M
DaedalusChichester 2009-06-0797430419bobbobin4 5.15M
HR342 MischiefFelixstowe 2016-04-0897345472Melissa12 756k
ChimpRiver Stour - Suffolk 2010-05-2397334428Jolie Brise38 3.3M
GuapaRiver Orwell 12011-09-1797331987Jolie Brise57 2.71M
Xanthia or XanthiLevington River Orwell 2008-09-1497310318Wherry40 2.41M
Keltic HostRiver Orwell 07/08/2010 2010-08-0797274040Guapa33 3.48M
Vital SparkBurnham 2010-10-0297233776 24 1.45M
Guapa on the Stour  2014-07-1697220060River Stour43 1.96M
1267y Nicholson 32West Kyle, Bute 2.18M
Smack CK 36 - Electron  2013-09-2197201132Harwich Hbr 63 2.24M
GBR 8731TOff Cowes 2011-02-1697130848oldfatgit36 3M
SandpiperChichester Harbour 4.78M
 River Orwell 2011-07-2397074040Guapa61 3.31M
PhoenixNear Rame Head, Cornwall 2014-07-0297051239JohnO36 3.11M
NokomisChichester 2009-06-0797049828bobbobin10 4.76M
Duetta of IoMMenai Straits Heading N to Puffin Island 2010-08-1097033454searush29 1.13M
 River Orwell 2016-08-2897007952Jonny5 108k
Unknown Gaff CutterOsea Island, Blackwater River, UK 2002-09-2896965702Kioni32 874k
AlvinaRiver Orwell  2014-10-2696953969Jolie Brise19 2.41M
Jolie BriseRiver Orwell - 05.12.0912009-12-0796942382Tringa93 4.03M
Moody 42Portland Bill 2010-09-0496922628 9 link
Chameleon TooFelixstowe 2009-09-2696916820 18 2.45M
HR245 50Chichester Harbour 5.16M
Tiptoe Too 6539YSolent Area 5.02M
 Hurst Narrows 2006-10-2096772367 11 2.48M
Mr TinklesThe Wallet 2009-05-2696759601 125 1.47M
Annabel JSolent 3.33M
 Valletta12014-04-1196731758buhagiarvince23 1.8M
gbr9694TSolent 3.37M
HansaRiver Orwell 2009-10-1796701938Jolie Brise79 3.07M
JanthinaWest Solent 2010-09-2696665510Steve M22REME YC Rally 2010700k
Zahir 1155Solent 4.8M
Ghostly GooseYarmouth, IOW 2009-12-2996645860jpc43 5.19M
CabbyRiver Orwell 2009-07-1896623927Richard G45 2.77M
MadamDovercourt Bay / River Orwell 2010-10-0996610690Jolie Brise61 3.1M
TargaRound Island Race 2010 2010-06-2396539534bobbobin12 5.47M
Sorted - Hansa GBR 3126LRiver Orwell  2014-10-2696538639Jolie Brise73 1.97M
JanthinaWest Solent 2010-09-2696510823Steve M26REME YC Rally 2010708k
Gita DalbaPortsmouth Harbour 2009-05-1396509151chrissie22 3.77M
CK 328River Stour 2010-07-2496507041Jolie Brise65 3.29M
Oyster 26 GBR 8708YRiver Orwell  2014-10-2696481627Jolie Brise45 2.32M
CiconiaEastern Solent 2009-07-2696463220jpc36 3.61M
Sadler 34 Aqua TedSolent 3.7M
Hanse - GBR 1348RRiver Orwell / Stour 2011-10-1596458894Jolie Brise50 2.98M
Oyster 37 - Golden PheonixRiver Orwell / Harwich Hbr 2009-08-3096423010Jolie Brise74 3.17M
EgretSolent 4.74M
BlackbirdRiver Orwell 2014-06-2296396847Jolie Brise31 2.64M
Sea BreezeMenai Straits 2012-06-0496383896Sea Breeze44 2.96M
Spinnaker ( Possibly a Twister )Nortrh Eagle 2009-05-0296324676Jolie Brise55 3.16M
Esther MaYRivers Orwell  2014-10-1896316603Jolie Brise40 2.03M
gbr410lSolent 3.63M
GuapaRiver Orwell 06/08 2011-08-0696293216Jolie Brise52 3.38M
MarshmallowR Roach 2010-05-2396199458tribey7 1.79M
MN15Brightlingsea 2008-07-2096190905Chellers71 2.75M
CharisseMedway 2011-05-2496190551Oceanmaster21 3.87M
SolsticeIsles of Scilly 2010-07-0296100021scillypete27 3.94M
 River Crouch 409k
K4050Southampton Water - Frostbite Series 2011-04-0396056925purplekate69 1.59M
 River Orwell 2013-07-0195978793Jolie Brise161 2.59M
SunsettaChatham River Medway Kent12008-10-1195942931monkeyboyferris41 1.43M
Yamas Dovercourt Bay 2009-07-2695938061Jolie Brise50 3.27M
Black MollyRivers Stour  2014-05-0595927585Jolie Brise77 2.21M
 River Orwell 2013-06-0295900308Jolie Brise48 2.65M
Swedish LassCocum Hills 2008-07-2795877566Chellers62 2.76M
Sadler 32 -- 5695YRiver Orwell 2010-08-2895822763Jolie Brise77 3.15M
BraveRiver Orwell - Harwich Hbr12010-10-0295813054Jolie Brise67 3.18M
Dark HorseWivenhoe 2011-11-2795813000Alshira43 4.38M
SourireMedusa Channel 2009-07-3195772924Jigsaw16 3.71M
 Pinmill SC Saturday Race 07/09/19 2019-09-0895743182Jolie Brise3 2.55M
 River Crouch 265k
 Racing on the Orwell --hpyc  2012-04-1595653824Jolie Brise24 903k
JinsaBetween Fowey and Plymouth 2010-07-0595650800Red Snapper12 4.25M
sb3Solent 3.41M
 River Orwell 2010-07-3195592384Jolie Brise112 3.15M
Cracklin RosieSolent 4.69M
Sjarmen Bavaria 36Nr 5.8M
IreneMilford Haven 2010-07-1095420666Mnemosyne15Seafair Milford Haven3.49M
 River Orwell 2011-05-2195416872dwf75 2.2M
Para-GliderWrabness 2010-07-2495410664Jolie Brise10 2.71M
Yamas on the Orwell  0000-00-0095386220 15 3.22M
SSR 126739Creswell Quay 2010-07-0995371092Mnemosyne9Seafair Milford Haven4.39M
961Levington River Orwell 2008-09-1495272428Wherry65 2.56M
Glass Onion  2009-06-2095240670Mark_Hitchin24 3.8M
Elan GBR93LSound of Islay 2009-06-2495168664JBomber24 3.77M
Yem 139 MaloSolent 4.55M
 River Orwell 2016-08-2895159629Jonny11 264k
gbr8287 sigmaSolent 4.11M
Gaff Rigged YawlBig Russel Seen from Havre Gosselin 2010-09-0395112308oldfatgit12 441k
 Rivers Stour  2014-05-0595092245Jolie Brise40 2.14M
1394l 1394L SericaSolent Area 4.94M
Sail No GBR2835LNear Rame Head, Cornwall 2015-09-0294932048John O9 222k
 Racing on the Orwell --hpyc  2012-04-1594899451Jolie Brise29 1M
Chusanna  2009-06-1994838163Mark_Hitchin10 1.97M
k4568Solent 4.83M
 Cattewater, Plymouth 2011-09-0194779509LKaren21 2.52M
Enigma HardyEastoke, Chi 5.2M
Silver FoxRiver Orwell 2016-08-2894756643Jonny5 215k
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