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Boat Location Comments Date Picture Uploader Views Event Size
MagnaCarterApproaching West Mersea 2007-05-08388598Trevera25100YBW East Coast Laying Up Meet 200691k
MagnaCarterApproaching West Mersea 2007-05-08800862Trevera2568YBW East Coast Laying Up Meet 2006451k
Blue OysterDeben Bar 2007-05-05503359shmoo110WCC Shakedown cruise May 2007332k
 Deben Bar 2007-05-05220278shmoo90WCC Shakedown cruise May 2007318k
sail nr 243Deben Bar 2007-05-0524912shmoo72WCC Shakedown cruise May 2007322k
 Deben Bar 2007-05-05664187shmoo68WCC Shakedown cruise May 2007325k
SnowgooseDeben Bar 2007-05-05300884shmoo286WCC Shakedown cruise May 2007318k
Aurelia, Appledore and othersDeben Bar 2007-05-05704388shmoo98WCC Shakedown cruise May 2007469k
Aurelia and AppledoreDeben Bar 2007-05-05524164shmoo70WCC Shakedown cruise May 2007833k
TregunnaDeben Bar 2007-05-0530997shmoo146WCC Shakedown cruise May 2007606k
NyangOff Bawdsey 2009-05-029493591Peewit10WCC Shakedown Cruise 2009615k
Embla 6013Galway Bay 2009-05-309094668Bigbunky16Volvo Ocean Race in-port race4.13M
Folie a deuxGilcker - Portsmouth 2007-08-25224672stevebirch200263Vega Solent Rally 20071.7M
SualocinGilcker - Portsmouth 2007-08-2582461stevebirch200261Vega Solent Rally 20071.11M
Miss VegaGilkicker - Portsmouth12007-08-25282873stevebirch200274Vega Solent Rally 20071.61M
IserlGilkicker - Portsmouth 2007-08-25856285stevebirch200257Vega Solent Rally 20071.53M
1039Outer Clyde Area 2008-08-0255834321 111TCC Muster2.04M
205Clyde 2009-09-2024554532 296TCC Muster165k
Josephine of HooHartlepool, During Tall Ships 2010-08-1086460814Magaz9727Tall ships 2010622k
Josephine of HooHartlepool, During Tall Ships 2010-08-1081631136 29Tall ships 2010603k
CharlotteSunderland 2010-07-2511007559magaz9714Sunderland Air Show595k
SP16 8Coedcanlas 2010-07-0674929867Mnemosyne9Seafair Milton Haven4.24M
CatraiaCoedcanlas 2010-07-0621964538Mnemosyne11Seafair Milford Haven3.6M
Johanna LucretiaMilford Haven 2010-07-1132212271Mnemosyne26Seafair Milford Haven4.26M
RC2Pembroke River 2010-07-0369718922Mnemosyne35Seafair Milford Haven4.49M
Johanna LucretiaMilford Haven 2010-07-1173504424Mnemosyne18Seafair Milford Haven4.23M
 Pembroke Pool 2010-07-0380167686Mnemosyne5Seafair Milford Haven4.81M
AethelsLawrenny 2010-07-0512599355Mnemosyne7Seafair Milford Haven4.38M
SP16 8Coedcanlas 2010-07-0644359826Mnemosyne5Seafair Milford Haven4M
Four SistersCoedcanlas 2010-07-0691353557Mnemosyne6Seafair Milford Haven4.24M
FionnbarraCoedcanlas 2010-07-0649685281Mnemosyne8Seafair Milford Haven4.17M
 Coedcanlas 2010-07-067509960Mnemosyne4Seafair Milford Haven3.91M
 Coedcanlas 2010-07-0693847965Mnemosyne6Seafair Milford Haven4.39M
FlatnerCoedcanlas 2010-07-0672869057Mnemosyne11Seafair Milford Haven4.37M
FlatnerLawrenny 2010-07-0690026359Mnemosyne13Seafair Milford Haven4.64M
MollyLawrenny 2010-07-0787942412Mnemosyne32Seafair Milford Haven4.86M
MollyAngle Bay 2010-07-082848196Mnemosyne38Seafair Milford Haven3.83M
MollyAngle Bay 2010-07-0837345817Mnemosyne45Seafair Milford Haven4.21M
 Angle Bay 2010-07-0850642605Mnemosyne29Seafair Milford Haven3.74M
Four SistersPembroke Pool 2010-07-0859092053Mnemosyne9Seafair Milford Haven4.91M
 Pembroke Pool 2010-07-0867862560Mnemosyne11Seafair Milford Haven4.26M
 Pembroke Quay 2010-07-0888381138Mnemosyne9Seafair Milford Haven4.35M
SSR 126739Creswell Quay 2010-07-0959377770Mnemosyne17Seafair Milford Haven4.34M
SSR 126739Creswell Quay 2010-07-0995371092Mnemosyne9Seafair Milford Haven4.39M
Jady LaneCreswell Quay 2010-07-0954480462Mnemosyne27Seafair Milford Haven4.91M
Jady Lane & SSR 126739Creswell Quay 2010-07-0947607835Mnemosyne25Seafair Milford Haven5.28M
 Milford Haven 2010-07-1050835367Mnemosyne4Seafair Milford Haven3.48M
P 45Milford Haven 2010-07-1013825942Mnemosyne5Seafair Milford Haven3.54M
P 45Milford Haven 2010-07-1037251951Mnemosyne14Seafair Milford Haven3.81M
Aethel 2Milford Haven 2010-07-1064799701Mnemosyne5Seafair Milford Haven3.79M
AethelsMilford Haven 2010-07-106580318Mnemosyne4Seafair Milford Haven4.74M
CY10Milford Haven 2010-07-1028573865Mnemosyne15Seafair Milford Haven4.44M
IreneMilford Haven 2010-07-1020963377Mnemosyne13Seafair Milford Haven3.69M
IreneMilford Haven 2010-07-1015027386Mnemosyne11Seafair Milford Haven3.84M
 Milford Haven 2010-07-107083103Mnemosyne7Seafair Milford Haven3.47M
 Milford Haven 2010-07-1094102618Mnemosyne8Seafair Milford Haven3.43M
IreneMilford Haven 2010-07-2326967647Mnemosyne9Seafair Milford Haven3.59M
IreneMilford Haven 2010-07-1095420666Mnemosyne15Seafair Milford Haven3.49M
Johanna LucretiaCastle Reach 2010-07-1190146565Mnemosyne55Seafair Milford Haven4.46M
 Castle Reach 2010-07-1152355109Mnemosyne39Seafair Milford Haven4.34M
Shrimper 983East Cowes 2007-09-0175454Steve39Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07767k
WaverlyCastle Point, East Cowes 2007-09-01418412Steve83Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 071.41M
BNP-ParibasCastle Point, East Cowes 2007-09-01102773Steve60Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 071.23M
Osborne Bay, generalOsborne Bay 2007-09-01830763Steve54Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07774k
Clareen trackOsborne Bay 2007-09-01853311Steve42Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07222k
 Off Gilkicker, E Solent 2007-09-02969583Becky99Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 071.65M
Grand jouetOff Gillcker Pint, E Solent 2007-09-02958334Becky28Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07645k
Grand JouetE Solent off Gilkicker Point 2007-09-02345052Becky36Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07975k
 E Solent 2007-09-0290590Becky47Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07975k
 E Solent12007-09-01534303Becky37Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07642k
 East Solent 2007-09-01924203Becky67Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07633k
blueboxsailingEast Solent 2007-09-01364809Becky57Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07310k
 East Solent 2007-09-0194005Becky59Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07421k
 East Solent 2007-09-01668553Becky64Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07400k
Wild WeaselEast Solent 2007-09-01907380Becky59Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07516k
Wild WeaselOff Portsmouth 2007-09-01979381Becky49Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07577k
 E Solent, off Portsmouth 2007-09-01288367Becky52Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07421k
Wild WeaselOff Portsmouth, E Solent 2007-09-01456701Becky41Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07516k
GunshotE Solent  2007-09-0164671Becky27Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07328k
GBR9439REast Solent 2007-09-01972826Becky75Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07399k
Suzie TouE Solent  2007-09-02777667Becky31Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07310k
Summer WindEast Solent 2007-09-01789045Becky53Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07513k
GallivantEast Solent 2007-09-01829376Becky55Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07489k
GallivantOff Portsmouth 2007-09-02790943Becky48Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07506k
Kite surfer at speedEast Solent 2007-09-05831135Becky32Scuttlebutt Solent Weekend September 07702k
CurlewLoch Shuna 2007-09-08996236Hal25Sailing with friends1.76M
SagudayPocassett Harbor, MA, USA 2006-08-1186808078Kioni6Saguday US East Coast Cruise 2006913k
SagudayChester River, MD, USA 2006-06-0283001181Kioni19Saguday US East Coast Cruise 20061.05M
SagudayVinalhaven, ME, USA 2006-08-2350165805Kioni16Saguday US East Coast Cruise 20061.04M
Bay LadyBoothbay Harbor, ME, USA 2006-08-2269283387Kioni54Saguday US East Coast Cruise 2006958k
GBR2530Off Rame Head Plymouth 2007-07-14664018 68RWYC Eddystone Charity Race July 20071.73M
Dream WeaverOff Rame Head Plymouth 2007-07-14697899 65RWYC Eddystone Charity Race July 20071.58M
GBR7271T, EvangelineOff Ryde Sands22010-07-2482618477Dehla Soul38RSYC RTI Double 20103.45M
SimoMenai Straits 2008-05-04729185searush19Royal Welsh first cruise, 2008717k
AslanSwellies 2008-05-05623281searush20Royal Welsh first cruise, 2008599k
Sigma 38 Billy Whizz GBR8311Off Ventnor  2011-06-2534457751John G35Round The Island Race 20113.9M
Sigma 38 Billy Whizz GBR8311Off Ventnor  2011-06-2533286860John G44Round The Island Race 20113.79M
Sigma 38 Billy Whizz GBR8311Off Ventnor  2011-06-2578898173John G20Round The Island Race 20113.8M
Sigma 38 Billy Whizz GBR8311Off Ventnor 2011-06-2525845159John G23Round The Island Race 20113.83M
Sigma 38 Billy Whizz GBR8311Off Ventnor  2011-06-2515630403John G21Round The Island Race 20113.29M
Sigma 38 Billy Whizz GBR8311Off Ventnor  2011-06-2593589060John G25Round The Island Race 20113.5M
Sigma 38 Billy Whizz GBR8311Off Ventnor 2011-06-2513176989John G26Round The Island Race 20113.88M
Sigma 38 Billy Whizz GBR8311Off Ventnor 2011-06-2579699483John G19Round The Island Race 20113.96M
Sigma 38 Billy Whizz GBR8311Off Ventnor 2011-06-2567679585John G31Round The Island Race 20113.9M
Beneteau 34.7 Cobra GBR347LOff Ventnor 2011-06-2580747663JohnG94Round The Island Race 20113.86M
Beneteau 34.7 Cobra GBR347LOff Ventnor  2011-06-2565044599JohnG60Round The Island Race 20114.06M
Beneteau 34.7 Cobra GBR347LOff Ventnor 2011-06-2548195663JohnG58Round The Island Race 20113.66M
Beneteau 34.7 Cobra GBR347LOff Ventnor  2011-06-2572009217JohnG58Round The Island Race 20114.23M
Beneteau 34.7 Cobra GBR347LOff Ventnor 2011-06-2580674547JohnG54Round The Island Race 20113.55M
Beneteau 34.7 Cobra GBR347LOff Ventnor  2011-07-1012010753JohnG48Round The Island Race 20113.94M
Beneteau 34.7 Cobra GBR347LOff Ventnor 2011-06-2525419185JohnG47Round The Island Race 20113.73M
Beneteau 34.7 Cobra GBR347LOff Ventnor 2011-06-2588403955JohnG49Round The Island Race 20113.94M
Beneteau 34.7 Cobra GBR347LOff Ventnor 2011-06-2573667093JohnG49Round The Island Race 20114.38M
Beneteau 34.7 Cobra GBR347LOff Ventnor 2011-06-2564031585JohnG46Round The Island Race 20114.06M
Beneteau 34.7 Cobra GBR347LOff Ventnor 2011-06-2531727725JohnG56Round The Island Race 20114.06M
Elan 333 Aquila GBR9410TOff Ventnor 2011-06-258862808JohnG75Round The Island Race 20113.61M
Sea Badger 11, Cape Cutter 19Round The Island Race 201022010-06-1943332906Andrew Knight66Round The Island Race 20103.94M
MILOU III SERAFINA GBR2014L GBR1352LRtir 2009-06-2069355118Mark_Hitchin46Round The Island Race 20094.21M
GBR1443L Knotide  2009-06-2035455694Mark_Hitchin16Round The Island Race 20093.79M
1947 Aquila  2009-06-2023477962Mark_Hitchin10Round The Island Race 20093.65M
2028L 3897T 6878T Westernman 8326 3416  2009-06-2043300161Mark_Hitchin26Round The Island Race 20092.38M
GBR5015 IMPENSABLE  2009-06-2077674377Mark_Hitchin19Round The Island Race 20092.29M
GBR6482T Suspicion  2009-06-2040033857Mark_Hitchin7Round The Island Race 20092.64M
GBR6601T Plane Sailing GBR7341T Grumpy Bear  2009-06-2049478419Mark_Hitchin46Round The Island Race 20093.8M
GBR6609T Shadow  2009-06-2052862847Mark_Hitchin7Round The Island Race 2009451k
GBR7264T Bella Donna  2009-06-2081533135Mark_Hitchin6Round The Island Race 20093.78M
GBR8197N Nimrod  2009-06-2052091563Mark_Hitchin19Round The Island Race 20093.89M
Glass Onion GBR8889  2009-06-2063100347Mark_Hitchin31Round The Island Race 20091.79M
GBR9215 Sunsail 15  2009-06-2031341737Mark_Hitchin26Round The Island Race 20094.58M
Round the Island Race 2009  2009-06-2050070146Mark_Hitchin43Round The Island Race 20092.58M
Chloe (Sail Number 1920L) and FulmarRound The Island Race, Near Bembridge 2009-06-2042439683AndrewK73Round The Island Race 20092.82M
730St. Ctherines Point 2009-06-0186288198Rav38Round The Island Race 20091.86M
GBR 1618LRtir 2009 2009-06-2035501756 38Round The Island Race 20091.45M
GBR 5007TRtir 2009 2009-06-2036315387 43Round The Island Race 20091.39M
GBR 9673TRtir 2009 2009-06-22884399 47Round The Island Race 20091.49M
GBR 9482TRtir 2009 2009-06-2013420862 40Round The Island Race 20091.53M
GBR6037T CumFrumBrumNeedles South Side 2009-06-208042343John G82Round The Island Race 20094.75M
27C Gaff Ketch PO 393Needles Channel 2009-06-2075426085John G75Round The Island Race 20093.89M
USA50794 and fleetVentnor 2009-06-2085172450John G20Round The Island Race 20093.85M
GBR3428T or GBR6878TNeedles South Side 2009-06-2060841594John G56Round The Island Race 20094.61M
Sirena of Portsmouth GBR 8947TWestern Solent 2005-06-18360963BilgeRat61Round the Island Race 20051.14M
Iona of Hamble GBR 7663TWestern Solent 2005-06-18380376BilgeRat88Round the Island Race 20051.16M
Maine Attraction GBR 1426RWestern Solent 2005-06-18531212BilgeRat75Round the Island Race 20051.06M
GBR 7881 TSolent (rti 2007 Start Line) 2007-06-24556405Mark Hendy25Round the Island 2007578k
BrainwaveSolent (rti 2007 Start Line) 2007-06-24289598Mark Hendy52Round the Island 20071.47M
GBR 7070Solent (rti 2007 Start Line) 2007-06-24348543Mark Hendy26Round the Island 2007404k
GBR 7070 (2nd picture)Solent (rti 2007 Start Line) 2007-06-24157781Mark Hendy28Round the Island 2007463k
Le CanardSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23673006Mark Hendy22Round the Island 2007393k
GBR 8287Solent RTI 2007 2007-06-23345379Mark Hendy61Round the Island 20071.17M
6201Solent RTI 2007 2007-06-2358888Mark Hendy22Round the Island 2007865k
GBR 9399TSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23526752Mark Hendy30Round the Island 2007742k
GBR7509RSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23156309Mark Hendy43Round the Island 20071.01M
GBR 9812RSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23140858Mark Hendy18Round the Island 2007726k
GBR 7500Solent RTI 2007 2007-06-23515647Mark Hendy21Round the Island 2007852k
GBR 8408Solent RTI 2007 2007-06-23803306Mark Hendy47Round the Island 20071.09M
EXUMASolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23163854Mark Hendy20Round the Island 2007740k
GBR 9766TSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23501741Mark Hendy54Round the Island 20071.06M
GBR 9512TSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23231624Mark Hendy46Round the Island 20071.13M
K8577YSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-2359778Mark Hendy47Round the Island 20071.32M
TN12Solent RTI 2007 2007-06-23408073Mark Hendy49Round the Island 20071.42M
GBR3937RSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23939738Mark Hendy21Round the Island 2007217k
AMAZESolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23208239Mark Hendy19Round the Island 2007672k
BALLYHOOSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23989140Mark Hendy43Round the Island 20073.48M
BALLYHOOSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23575253Mark Hendy42Round the Island 20071.61M
HEROSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23262326Mark Hendy23Round the Island 2007985k
WIGHT WIZARDSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23866039Mark Hendy41Round the Island 20071.08M
CANNASolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23102157Mark Hendy23Round the Island 2007548k
TALLULAHSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23449296Mark Hendy66Round the Island 20071.11M
BALLYHOOSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23137908Mark Hendy37Round the Island 20073.23M
BLOODHOUNDSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-2342732Mark Hendy54Round the Island 20071.52M
BARDEAUSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23392476Mark Hendy35Round the Island 2007411k
GBR 9255TSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23725200Mark Hendy60Round the Island 20072.63M
GBR 9247TSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-234624Mark Hendy41Round the Island 2007804k
SUPERTACKSSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23407259Mark Hendy27Round the Island 2007904k
COQUINESolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23137306Mark Hendy43Round the Island 20071M
2369Solent RTI 2007 2007-06-23658316Mark Hendy36Round the Island 20071.3M
5901Solent RTI 2007 2007-06-2396395Mark Hendy18Round the Island 2007808k
FLAMING PIESolent RTI 2007 2007-06-2353675Mark Hendy27Round the Island 20071.66M
SC104Solent RTI 2007 2007-06-23422331Mark Hendy49Round the Island 20071.56M
GBR 9288Solent RTI 2007 2007-06-23731769Mark Hendy32Round the Island 2007849k
GALAXYSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-238402Mark Hendy54Round the Island 20071.23M
ME-MOSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23275784Mark Hendy48Round the Island 20071.36M
GIPSY MOTH IVSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23105793Mark Hendy31Round the Island 2007442k
DEJA VUSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23453677Mark Hendy22Round the Island 2007932k
GIPSY MOTH IV and Sadler Rock and Roll GBR 1061lSolent RTI 200712007-06-23932805Mark Hendy48Round the Island 2007752k
ALLONS-YSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23655741Mark Hendy78Round the Island 20071.74M
GBR 8087TSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23348657Mark Hendy52Round the Island 20071.02M
AVALON OF ARNESolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23216194Mark Hendy22Round the Island 2007864k
SWEET LIBERTYSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23148960Mark Hendy17Round the Island 2007799k
SUSAN JSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23363956Mark Hendy40Round the Island 20073.99M
GBR 6507RSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23276906Mark Hendy26Round the Island 2007258k
CAROLINASolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23607549Mark Hendy51Round the Island 20071.23M
GBR 9746TSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23754709Mark Hendy27Round the Island 2007327k
SANDY LADYSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23828136Mark Hendy22Round the Island 2007897k
8642Solent RTI 2007 2007-06-23782221Mark Hendy46Round the Island 20071.09M
COLDPLAYSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23240157Mark Hendy32Round the Island 2007789k
JOHN LEWIS PARTNERSHIP SAILING CLUBSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23740602Mark Hendy38Round the Island 20071.33M
BLUE LADYSolent RTI 2007 2007-06-23531421Mark Hendy56Round the Island 20071.01M
White Oryx IVBeaulieu River Entrance 2007-06-23564231BilgeRat50Round the Island 20071.08M
CO 510 TantrisSouth of St Catherine's Point22007-06-23889355JBomber58Round the Island 20072.79M
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